Journey So Far

Wise n Shine Services is a growing company with a lot of potential for developing programs for educational institutions, parents and children. Growth is one of our values of our company and we have achieved substantial progress during the year 2013-2014. We set up new benchmarks interms of content development, productivity and need based programs. We plan to further strengthen our reach of our programs and workshops in community through our association with many more educational institutions in the near future.

Following is a recap of some of the experiences we have had in the last year:-

Summer Camp

In India, the Month of April-May brings the thought of coming up of the Summer Vacations and for the parents it means taking decision for the Summer Camp for their children. Wise n Shine took its first step in conducting Summer Camp on Life Skills for children between age group 3 years to 12 years. The objective of the camp was that the children share their experiences and make their own choices while doing the activities in a fun loving atmosphere.

The camp was organised and conducted at two very well known schools of Delhi-Kangaroo Kids and Little Pearls. The Program offered many social emotional benefits to the children of all ages

The Kids at the camp enjoyed the combination of fun filled activities with a lot of enthusiasm and explored the art of understanding self with programs such as how to control anger, know yourself better, personality test, etc…through videos, music, dance, art and craft and yoga.

Seeing the Smile on the faces of our kids and with a positive response from their parents wrt the topics discussed we were left with a sense of satisfaction, positive feeling and a memorable experience.

Life Skills Workshops

Life Skills play an integral part in a child's life. Wise n Shine Services is amongst the first to conduct Life Skills workshops for children. We are thankful to Army Welfare Education Society to approve our proposal to conduct the workshops in the Army Schools in the Northern Region. The Life Skills workshops were conducted on "Behaviour Modification" and "Personality Development" at Army Public School Noida, Army Primary School ,RR Hospital and RAM Pre-Primary School, Shankar Vihar. Conducting the workshop in each of the schools was an experience in itself.

It reminds us of an incident where we are talking about anger and one child tells us that "My mother keeps telling me everyday that your heart is made up of rock and nothing affects you….you are hard hearted"

In reciprocation when we said "Do you know that for the big pieces of rock we have big crusher machines…. "Yes" he said, "They break even the biggest piece of rock into small pieces and thereafter turn them into powder."

While listening to this he paused and went into deep thinking process and said "then why does my mother say that I have a heart like a rock? Nothing affects me"….

At our workshops when children speak up their mind we come to know how sometimes our words as parents are affecting our children in their growth and development and how careful we have to be as adults while nurturing them with positive thinking.

With an objective and balanced approach to decisions around our workshops, we gave each child an opportunity to experience it as a fun, enriching, and halcyon time in their lives.

"Katha Craft-Story Telling Sessions"

Life is all about stories. The stories makes the brain works and help us think n learn some important lessons of Life.

Katha Craft conducted story telling sessions at various pre schools of Delhi. In Our Story telling Session, stories helped us to understand our children better. It gave us an opportunity to learn about their goals, demonstrate, explore, inspire and communicate their thoughts and feelings .

Each session was very interactive. As the story progressed children had curiosity and asked questions. They could associate to the images in the book/ puppets. The children even had their own story to share….we loved listening to each one specially when they related it to cartoon network characters or some television shows.

We realised how stories shape up our thinking and the way of life…..The story telling sessions were concluded with an art and craft activity, music and dance .We were quite mesmerised and entertained with the entertaining performances by our little seedlings.

Events-Winter Carnival

Wise n Shine Services has been a part of X-Mas Carnivals held at "Little Pearls Play School,Vasant Vihar and also at "Hamilton Court" Gurgaon. We aim to provide one stop creative place for parents and children where they can come and explore their creativity with fun activities. Also, the objective to participate in the events is to create and ensure public awareness of our Life Skill Programs and as to how these life skills are being used during the activities conducted at the events. Wise n Shine had an amazing experience conducting different Fun Activities for children such as Paint a Pot, Cup Cake Making, Color your favourite X-Mas character, Make a Reindeer,etc..

The response from the parents and children was commendable. Our energies doubled watching the children doing the activities with so much of interest and we also appreciated the patience of the parents while their kids were being creative!!

The enthusiasm amongst the people motivates us to come up with more of creative works and give our little ones a yet new area of exploration …..So to let your child explore new boundaries of creativity do not forget to join us at "Winter Carnival 2015". please take the second part of in Journey so Far Events