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  • Volunteer Opportunities :-

"Knowledge is most useful when liberated and shared".

Everyone is good at something which means everyone has something to offer. If you feel that you have something to share and inspire the community- parents and children with your knowledge and experience through our workshops on parenting and storytelling sessions, you can enhance your skills by supporting the community by being a mentor. We can help you get involved that fit both your schedule and your interests. Choose your time and your activity .Work with Kids and their parents, establish networks and develop new skills!!! Give life a new meaning by helping young minds to create and lead a better life.

  • Internship Program :–

WNS gives university and polytechnic students pursuing ECE, NTT, B.Ed, Psychology, MBA an opportunity to give or receive assistance in the fields that you study.

We give you a platform to implement your skills and knowledge and gain experience in the respective field.

  • Freelance Trainers :-

Are you passionate about mentoring??

Do you love creative work?

Do you want to make a good career which adds great value to the lives of people?

If you believe you have what it takes, and are looking for a fulfilling career within an expanding company, apply today!!

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All you need is to send us your resume with a cover letter at


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