In the competitive and demanding world today, often there are times when people from all walks of life facing challenges in dealing or understanding their emotions. There is a huge gap arising out external and internal pressures in the environment which is affecting the living styles of individuals. Thus, resulting in a gap amongst the parents, children and themselves.

As school counsellors play a vital role in the field of education at Wise n Shine, we aim at helping students in areas of academics, social and personal development ensuring today's student to be a better individual.

Wise n Shine, as a care provider helps in bridging the gap and work in partnerships with the parents and children to help them understand each other and live in harmony. We help them to move from the problem to the solution.

Counselling for Children

As sometimes children may have difficulty sharing their feelings, with our Counselling Sessions we help them get in touch with their feelings.If a parent or school observes the following Signs in the child ,

Then it means that the child might need professional help:-

  • Withdrawn behaviour
  • Long periods of sadness
  • Temper tantrums
  • Cannot concentrate
  • Low grades in school
  • Living in the past
  • The parents feel that they cannot help the child

In our sessions we help the child to develop a positive attitude to life, recognise their strengths and express themselves. Our sessions do not involve making decisions for the child, imposing beliefs on them or preaching, however gives you a safe space to explore your situation.

Counselling for Parents

Today parenting is a big challenge. Every child is precious and every parent wants to be the best parent and wish that their children take up the right values from them but with the continuous changes taking place in the environment and with our busy schedules we sometimes loosen out our connection with our children and unknowingly make some mistakes which may hinder the development of our children.

In Our Sessions with parents we help them to overcome and resolve the mental and emotional problem that may result within the home with children in an effective manner.

Counselling helps Children and Parents in:-

  • Explore how things are for you in a non judgemental safe environment.
  • Explore and clarify issues that matter
  • Develop skills with which you can utilize for when future problems arise.
  • Know yourself better and develop your potential.
  • Work in ways which promote your ability to resolve problems
  • To cope up with things which cannot be changed.

In our sessions, we ensure that the privacy of the individuals is maintained; it promotes free expression in session and fosters a strong therapeutic alliance between the counsellor and the child / parent.

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